About MJ Holdings

3D imaging/ animation designing
3D Architectural Designs

We are a team of professionals in 3D imaging & animation to bring your imagination to reality.

Following are some of our services.
  •   3D Factory Floors
  •   3D Architectural Designs
  •   3D Building Layouts (houses, apartments etc.)
  •   3D Interior Designs (fully furnished with equipment, appliances, furniture, etc.)
  •   Animated Machinery Operation
  •   Animated Manufacturing Processes
  •   Walk-through Videos
  •   3D Sectional Views
  •   Training Material
  •   Animated company logos and many more
As our team includes Chemical, Process & MEP engineers with over 25 years of experience, we can also provide following industrial services in addition to 3D works.
  •   Capacity calculation for manufacturing processes
  •   Process flows, designing & optimization
  •   Incorporating lean concepts
  •   Factory/ Warehouse Designing
  •   Project Management & Feasibility Calculation
  •   Machinery identification & sourcing
  •   Automation & energy saving concepts
  •   Preparing SOPs & Work Instructions
  •   Setting KPIs for manufacturing & maintenance
  •   Hazard Analysis & setting control measures
  •   Assists for certifications (ISO, HACCP, BRC, OHSAS, GMP, Halal, Kosher, FSSC, Organic)

Following can also be arranged with relevant expertise groups.
  •   MEP & HVAC works
  •   Structural & Architectural works/ drawings
  •   Water & Effluent Treatment works
  •   Fire Protection
  •   ERP Systems

Our Quality Guarantee

Why 3D imaging/ animation?
You may need to pre-visualize your imagination in full color 3D, in order to have realistic views from many different angles. This exercise will give a more clearer insight to you & your construction company to plan physical works well ahead off the ground. A 3D walkthrough video is the ideal tool to visualize your interiors to feel "what it would be like if done"
3D Animation is the best way to talk without words. It can be used to create training videos, machinery operation, animated logos, manufacturing processes & many more.

Technology we use
Today's 3D imaging technology opens to create anything imaginable. Varying image qualities beyond 4K are achievable with RGB compositions up to 281 Trillion colors (48 bit). Iconic movies like Avengers-End Game & Avatar extensively used this technology with ultimate success. Moreover, the world of computer gaming is nothing but 3D animation.

Where we fit
We simply merge anyone's imagination with 3D imaging technology to create futuristic concepts. In that context we hope we don't have any barriers to stop us from realizing your imagination. Looking forward to serve you professionally.

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